General Information:
Pacific McGeorge School of Law
3200 5th Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95817

Contact Information:
Memorandum For: Team Leaders
From: Mary-Beth Moylan, Director, Global Lawyering Skills
Subject: Contacts at Pacific McGeorge for Your Program
Date: July 22, 2016

In order to assist you with your programs for the Anthony M. Kennedy Inn of Court, here are your points of contact at Pacific McGeorge:

  1. To coordinate audio-visual activities for your performance,
    contact Michael Machado at 916-739-7266.  Michael works Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Each team can arrange for rehearsals in the Lecture Hall as many times as they reasonably need if they plan ahead and reserve it as noted below.  However, Michael will only have time to assist for one full technical rehearsal for each team before its performance.  This full technical rehearsal must be scheduled during Michael’s normal hours.
  2. To schedule use of the Lecture Hall for rehearsals, as well as to secure help from Building and Grounds or media resource during rehearsals, contact Wendy Young at 916-739-7116 or The Lecture Hall has already been reserved for all programs.
  3. To ensure you have rehearsal time in the Lecture Hall, you should reserve it as early as possible. Regular classes always take precedence. The same applies to assistance with audio-visual and furniture needs. Contact Michael (for technical rehearsal) and Wendy (reservations for the Lecture Hall) early in your planning process. These are items that your student team members can coordinate since they are at school all week.
  4. All furniture and other items must be left as they were found in the Lecture Hall. We historically have had issues with teams moving things around and not putting them back.
  5. Teams need to make sure that all food or trash should be removed from the room after rehearsal and the room should be clean.
  6. Enjoy the amenities of Pacific McGeorge and the longstanding partnership with the Kennedy Inn of Court!

If you have any other questions and concerns about use of campus resources, please contact Professor Mary-Beth Moylan at 916-739-7223 or