4/16/19 Team 7: Hubris (A Cautionary Tale)

3/19/19 Team 6: It’s Not Just a Cell Phone Anymore - An Examination of Ethical and Evidentiary Rule in the Age of Perpetual Social Media

2/19/19 Team 5: Warning: The Practice of Law Can Be Hazardous To Your Health -- Enter With Caution.

1/15/19 - Team 4: Bloggers and Lawyers and Ethics, Oh My!!!

11/13/18 - Team 3: Unhinged? Clients With Questionable Capacity

10/16/18 - Team 2: It’s a Privilege, Isn’t It? Hard to Say…

9/25/18 - Team 1: A Thief in our Midst: Crime at the Inn of Court

5/15/18 - Team 8: If You Can't Beat 'Em, Shoot 'Em.

4/17/18 - Team 7: #YOUTOO? - How You May Be (Unwittingly) Part of the Problem, and How to Become Part of the Solution

3/20/18 - Team 6:  Fools Rush In - The Pitfalls of Representing Cutting Edge Clients

2/20/18 - Team 5:  Imperfect Justice

1/16/18 -  Team 4 - The Best Little Courthouse in Davis

11/21/17 - 2017 HAMMIES!!!!

11/21/17:  Team 3:  Dependency Court in Springfield

10-17-17: Team 2: Can We Talk? Civility in the Workplace

09-26-17:  Team 1:  Atticus Has Left the Courthouse: Was His Zealous Advocacy Compromised by Civility, Ethics and Professionaism. 

05-16-17:  Team 8:  Artificial Intelligence in the courtroom:  We hear you knockin' but should we let you in?

04-18-17:   Team 7: The Perils of Mediation OR How to Avoid Being Eaten by Dragons

03-21-17:  Team 6: Age: The Final Frontier - Issues Presented by the Graying of the Bar

2-21-17:   Team 5: Seriously, Does a Good Faith Meet and Confer Obligation Really Require Meaningful Communication?

01-17-17:   Team 4: Alice In State Bar Land: Navigating and understanding the protections and pitfalls of the California State Bar

11-15-16:  When the Client Becomes the Enemy: The Conundrums of Confidence and Client Control

10-18-2016:  The Do-Over:  Searching for justice in the justice system

9-20-2016:  Team One:  Kennedy Feud - Is Justice in Jeopardy of Losing to Self-Interest?

05-19-2016   The Wretched Refuse of our Teeming Shore: Ethical Conundrums in Immigration Law

4-21-16Team 7: ModernFamily Law - A Perfect 7 Production

3-15-16   Team 6: From Reel to Real: The Erosion of Civility, An Exploration Through Reel Time

2-16-16Team 5: Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes...

October 20, 2015: The New Dating Game:  An Inquiry into the Professionalism, civility and ethics of legal relationships

9-15-16Team 1: Now Be a Good Client and Eat your Vegetables -- The Promise and Perils of Collaborative Justice

5-18-15   Losing It

April 30, 2015:  A Conversation with Justice Leondra Kruger

March 17, 2015:  “Cinderella Comes to the Courthouse: The Ethics of Influencing Outcomes”

January 20, 2015:  Team Four:  Your Honor, May We Reproach?

Anthony M. Kennedy: One Interview and Two Awards (Both Real and Droll) - 2014-2015 

October 21, 2014: Team Two: Ethics In The Electronic Age: It's Fifty Shades of Grey